Personal Effectiveness

Parents can also undertake the Personal Empowerment program either before or after completing their Parenting Program.  Working on your own style of communication and assertiveness greatly improves and impacts on successfully integrating the PET skills into your life.

Personal Empowerment is also based on the ‘Gordon Model’ and will help you reduce your stress and conflict, taking the struggle out of your life.  Your relationships will become more satisfying, enabling you to be your best.  The result is more productive, efficient and fulfilling workplaces, families, and relationships.

ET skills are equally effective for all ages and situations.

Fundamental skills to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness.

  • Active Listening
  • I Messages and Assertiveness
  • Problem Solving
  • No-Lose Conflict Resolution
  • 12 Roadblocks to Communication
  • Consulting Skills and Leadership skills
  • Dealing with Different personalities
  • Values Collisions
  • Getting Your Point Across
  • Enhance and Increase Personal Effectiveness

And More?

  • Find out how to stand up for yourself and enhance your credibility.
  • Manage situations better with people who are aggressive or difficult.
  • Gain more support and cooperation.
  • Attain new levels of self responsibility in getting your needs and goals met.
  • Communicate openly and directly so others will have confidence in you.
  • Learn how to clean up your mistakes in a way that enhances and strengthens your relationships.

This course is based on Linda Adams ‘Be Your Best’ and is Nationally Accredited Training click here to find a personal effectiveness course