Parenting Training in Beijing

Parenting Training in Beijing

We are currently living in Beijing and I was fortunate to find a parenting course being run by an Australian woman also based in Beijing. As I took my P.E.T. Course, I started noticing changes within myself and in my daughter. She responded to all the skills as I learned them and put them into practice. Our problems became less and less.  Through the new skills I was learning, I was able to improve our relationship; we learned to be honest and have an open relationship. I started trusting her more, and in return she did the same. She changed a lot and became more aware of our needs as parents, as well as other people’s needs, as we became more aware of hers. We all became more trusting and trustable.  Throughout the course, I was able to learn a lot about myself, listen to myself and my feelings and needs; I learned to  communicate them assertively, in a way that they would listen to me.

Everyone around me began doing the same thing.  I learned to breathe and calm down, active-listen to myself and change my own behaviours.  The changes throughout the months were very obvious, and my family was happier and healthier by the week. Our family is now based upon open and honest communication, respect for each other’s feelings, needs and ideas, and we look for solutions together; solutions that will make all of us happy.  There is still conflict, like in any relationship; however, the way we deal with conflict leaves, most of the time, no hurtful feelings.

Having seen all this changes in myself, my daughter and the way our loved ones began interacting with us, and by role-modelling I was helping my friends too; they learned a lot just by seeing us interact.

I was very excited when I learned that I could become an instructor myself; I really wanted to share the P.E.T. approach with as many parents as possible, “spread the word” and show them that there was another parenting method out there, P.E.T., which had changed our lives In the best possible way…. and for good.

Cindy Tarratz