“The Personal Effectiveness training skills are equally as effective in enriching your marriage as well as strengthening relationships at work.’
Linda Adams, President of Gordon Training International

“The Personal Empowerment Program was so impressive we added it to our Diploma in Holistic Counselling Training.  The skills are invaluable to our counsellors in both their professional and personal settings.”
Brenda Sutherland, Founder/Director, The Awakening Group

“The skill of active listening is taught in Effectiveness Training classes  around Australia and is critical to healthy relationships. “
Steve Biddulph, Clinical Psychologist and Author.

“Deep Listening was one of the most important skills that I got out of the course.  I now have much more honest and open relationships at work, with my friends and within the family.”
Jackie Lazzaro,  Human Services Manager

“The Personal Effectiveness Program has helped me so much with positive and authentic communication, not only in the workplace but in my personal life. I now have the courage to face awkward situations, where in the past I would have felt overwhelmed and avoided them.”
Jenny Tran, Teacher & Counsellor& Career Consultant