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Here are the Effectiveness Training Institute Instructors in Victoria, Australia.  There are also some Instructors/courses listed here from NSW, ACT.

If you cannot find someone in your area try here; National Website.

For countries outside Australia contact Gordon Training International 

Name Area What I do Contact details

Our Instructors:

Judith Richardson Melbourne -Yarraville What I do
Parent Effectiveness
Personal Empowerment
Instructor Training
Individual Counselling
Public Speaking/webinars
(03)93147768   Mob:0416036961
Michelle Walsh  Castlemaine  What I do
Parent Effectiveness
Personal Empowerment Private Coaching/counselling
Amanda Coulthard  Wangaratta  What I do
Parent Effectiveness
Karina Meacham Sydney – Northern Beaches What I do
Parent Effectiveness                   Private Coaching/Seminars
Mob: 0418589579
Carleen Sing Bendigo Region
What I do
Parent Effectiveness
(03 ) 54357323
Sharon Collier Geelong Region/ Bellarine Peninsula   What I do
Parent Effectiveness Training Personal Empowerment
Family Therapy         Coaching/Seminars/speaking
Purnima Gurung  Canberra  What I do
Parent Effectiveness
Personal Empowerment Private Coaching
 M:0478 727 302  
Julie Bates Melbourne-Berwick
What I do                        Parent Effectiveness Training Personal Empowerment Mob: 0406606906        
  • “I believe the most beneficial and powerful thing a parent can contribute to their child as a parent is to be an influential role model. It is one of the basic foundations of your relationship with your children. So often we are stuck in old ways of relating that neither feel good nor represent how we would like to be.  Thankfully, through this parenting training,  we can learn new ways to empower ourselves with these real and practical skills – skills your children will pick up and also model.  P.E.T. is not a ‘talk-fest’, it is education for living that will fundamentally change your relationships forever.”

    Jenny Bailey, Melbourne

  • Thomas Gordon