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Parent Effectiveness Training is the world’s No.1 parenting program 

based on the work of Dr Thomas Gordon, a psychologist who received two Nobel Peace Prize Nominations for his program. We all want to be able to raise happy, resilient, responsible and successful children, and sometimes, that feels like a very difficult challenge.

Our children don’t come with an instruction manual but help is on it’s way…

 P.E.T. is an opportunity to explore your needs and role as a parent; learn how to deal with children’s challenging behaviour,  avoid the twelve most common communication errors with your children, overcome stress and learn how to influence your children and create the relationships you truly want.

“This program is an empowering journey to the Heart of your Parenting, a program where everyone wins.”

“I commend Parent Effectiveness for empowering parents to improve their relationships with their children, so that they can be the loving parents they always wanted to be, so their children can flourish, and their warm connection to each other can endure through life.”  Dr Louise Porter, Child Psychologist/Parenting Author

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The Parent Effectiveness Training program:

  • Encourages resilience, problem solving, strong self esteem and leadership qualities in children
  • Teaches valuable listening skills so their kids open up and feel understood
  • Enables parents to get their own needs met respectfully and without resistance
  • Shows you how to parent without the use of rewards and punishments
  • Teaches a problem solving model to deal with inevitable family conflicts so nobody loses
  • Helps create a climate that greatly reduces stress and tension within the home
  • Prevents you being ‘fired’ as a parent when your children become teenagers.

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How is P.E.T. delivered?

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) is always facilitated by an Authorised Instructor…

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 Who is P.E.T. suitable for?

  • Parents, grandparents and carers of children from pregnancy to teenagers
  • Childcare professionals, teachers, youth leaders, psychologists, social workers etc
  • Anyone needing to add to their parenting skills for Family Court purposes

Although desirable, it is not necessary for both parents to undertake the training to achieve the benefits of the program.

The P.E.T. program is based on The Gordon Model which teaches skills so parents can create stronger long lasting relationships with their children.

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